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    Poet's Corner


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Wed Oct 14, 2015 6:48 pm


    Today we have bigger houses, but families that are small
    Today we carry mobile phones and lots of friends on call
    We talk about life and freedom, but pay less attention to defence
    We have benefited from education, but have less commonsense.
    We have accrued more experts, who tells us what to do
    But our problems keep on increasing, for me I know that’s true.
    We spend our money recklessly, drive our cars too fast
    We are living in the good times, but will the good times last?

    Our reading skills are waning, all our education is on T.V.
    Our work prospects are determined by what is written on our C.V.
    We accumulate possessions to show our progress in this life
    We donate… occasionally to alleviate world strife
    We talk too much, love too little, and often we lie too
    We are insincere, sometimes insecure, in the things we try to do
    We add years to life but not life to years and waste that which we save
    Thereby adding those years to retirement, trying to avoid an early grave.

    We build much wider freeways, but become narrower in the mind
    We isolate ourselves through e-mails, physical contact becomes a bind
    We can reach out into outer space, visit galaxies galore
    But can we name our neighbour, who only lives next door?
    We write more on our computers, yet learn less about our friends
    For the paradox we create and live by, is in truth where reality ends
    So in a quiet moment, slow down and try to think
    Are you one of life’s lemmings, or can you change whilst on the brink?


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Wed Oct 28, 2015 7:41 pm


    A Halloween ball in my street
    Was a night I wish never to repeat
    The spirits by gum
    Were whisky and rum
    And I ended up white as a sheet

    I saw ghouls I saw ghosts
    That night they were hosts
    Entering crypts to open up graves
    Rousing the dead
    With a tap on the head
    Releasing the spectres and knaves

    Out to party and have a good time
    I got covered in gore and in grime
    I stepped out to walk
    Whilst trying to talk
    And fell in a pit of Quick Lime

    Needless to say
    At the end of the day
    The candy collected was ditched
    The spirits however
    Were not quite so clever
    For the whisky and rum were bewitched.


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:19 pm

    Sweet Dreams

    It was the night o' Halloween
    When ghosts and ghoulies call
    I met most of them at the front door
    'Trick or Treating' here in the Fall
    Costumed spectres in unison
    Demanded candy, or they would curse
    My house and all its occupants
    And make my bad luck, worse.

    I soon ran out of candy
    No more ghosties could I treat
    I said so, and apologised
    So the ghouls turned up the heat.
    I retired rather early
    To bring and end to a tiring day
    That is when the un-dead
    Came to my room to play.

    Poltergeists threw pots and pans
    Moved my bed around the room
    Vampire bats attacked me
    Zombies came out of the gloom
    Hell itself did open up
    As did the bedroom floor
    I made a promise to myself
    Not to eat cheese at bedtime anymore.


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Thu Nov 05, 2015 7:02 pm


    Well as you all have no doubt experienced the onslaught of the 'pyrotechnic season' (mid September through until mid January) you will understand my frustration at the indiscriminate use of fireworks. If we can be frightened and intimidated by the new mixture of loutishness and gunpowder.... have a thought as to how our pets feel.......

    Here is a view from a pet's perspective........

    Pyrotechnics is a word I've grown to hate
    As a canine I cannot comprehend
    They start around October and go on so very late
    That I'm sure they're never going to end.
    With hearing as acute as you know my hearing is
    An attribute upon which my life depends
    I cannot stand explosions or things that go off whizz
    And I give thanks when the 'pyrotechnic season' ends.

    The seasons has been protracted
    There are no longer days of truce
    Must these scenes be re-enacted
    For in truth there's no excuse
    We are the frightened minority
    With no voice to call our own
    In your pursuit of enjoyment
    The practise has grown and grown

    We are never given a moments thought
    When you point those rockets to the sky
    We are left in fear to tremble
    Without understanding why.
    With each firework you light
    Our fears are born anew
    It gives you a moment of delight
    But it causes heartache too.

    It causes great distress to all pets
    Whom you once did call a friend
    My plea this year to you is
    Let this PYROTECHNIC practise end.


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Tue Dec 22, 2015 7:15 pm


    There are bells and they are ringing
    There are voices and they are singing
    There is music in the air
    And goodwill's spread everywhere
    It's Christmas

    There are girls and there are boys
    Happy children with new toys
    It is the joy of Christmas Day
    When young and old they smile and say
    It's Christmas

    Thank you friend for being there
    All throughout the year
    With your messages each day
    Bringing smiles along the way
    Merry Christmas


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:04 pm

    When the world around me
    Puts on a sombre cloak
    And the sky, it splits with lightening
    And the rain falls fit to soak
    When fortune takes a tumble
    And illness prevents me from my task
    I hear thunder's distant rumble
    Why do you not cry I hear you ask.

    I do cry, believe me
    I cry as do you
    But my tears have long since dried up
    And the heart felt sobs are silent too
    To mask one's deep devotion
    Is a trait learned as a child
    Express not inward emotion
    Nor let your feelings break out, wild

    There are dependants all around you
    That need your guidance not your tears
    That moral courage that you display
    Helps drive away their fears
    Emotion still wells within you
    Heartbreak is yours to bear
    Silently and steadfastly
    For despite your loss, you care.


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    Re: Poet's Corner

    Post by daffyd on Tue Dec 06, 2016 7:28 pm

    Christmas 2016

    Snowflakes falling to the ground muffling every little sound.
    Sleigh rides, egg nog, Christmas lights children counting off the nights.
    Yuletide logs, some wine, some cake, carollers keeping Nan awake.
    Santa Claus checking off his list ensuring no one has been missed.
    All preparations almost complete, time now for church, to take your seat.
    To celebrate in our time honoured way Peace on Earth' this Christmas Day

    Christmas bells, fairy lights Roaring fires, frosty nights
    Soon the winter snows will fall Laying a blanket over all.
    Christmas presents Christmas fare Christmas music to fill the air,
    Happy children, barking dogs The sound of a saw Cutting logs.
    Christmas sounds Of fun and mirth Heralding our Saviour's birth,
    Let all God's children Lift up their eyes To search the Heavens And starry skies,
    For a sign in this new Millennium Of the promise made And of things to come.


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    Re: Poet's Corner

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